Learn with me how to apply math and statistics to business

Roi and production-oriented data science.

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The data-driven Team Master class

Learn how to lead and manage data projects in your organization to make your team technologically advantaged.

The business-driven data scientist

Become a highly effective and ROI-oriented data scientist, no matter what industry or company you have to work with.

The data-driven value
investing and fundamental analysis master course:

Learn how to properly understand and diagnose value, potential, opportunities, and threats across companies, industries, and countries. Learn how to start investing in your retirement the right way.

About me

Hi, and welcome to my blog. My name is Stefano Benco, businessman, data scientist, beach lover and hawaian shirt collector.

As a rookie entrepreneur, I spent years obsessing about finding a foolproof method of making any business venture a success. My search eventually would lead me to fall in love with the power data and math had to create competitive unfair advantages. Hunger for such dark knowledge, would inevitably start my journey as a data scientist.

As of now, I have more than 5 years of experience as a data consultant for different agencies and international clients.

From the small high-risk startup ideas to multinational companies with gigantic budgets, I have seen firsthand a lot of how to make data provide value in different industries in a broad variety of data-driven roles, with a very big focus on data science and strategy optimization.

In this blog and workshops, I will teach you everything I know about how to make both provide value to your organization. I want to help you become not just a data-driven businessman, but, also a mathematically savvy one.

Let’s have fun 🙂