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From descriptive analytics and dashboards to the state-of-the-art vanguard artificial intelligence, this course will give you the knowledge a team leader needs to be able to properly guide and help your techs and non-techs, effectively transform your company into a data-driven one, no matter it’s size.

Who is this course for?

Essentially team leaders that need to understand both business and data tech

Any businessman, project manager, product owner, or similar that would like to start taking advantage of high tech and data by integrating into his team more technologically qualified profiles, no matter the industry or company size.

Any leader that wants to make advanced data analysis a central pillar in company strategy.

Business owners and department managers of small-sized companies that don't have the budget to hire top talent ,or, work on business still technologically in the stone age, but want to be able to compete at the same level as higher budget companies.

Entrepreneurs that want to build their startups in a data-driven manner, from the ground up.

What will you be capable of, after finishing it?

you will be able to make any specific department in your company, take advantage of advanced analytics.

We will teach you exactly, how data provides value to business and generates competitive unfair advantages at all levels. You will understand the data and intelligence maturity levels a company can have, and be able to properly diagnose what critical information is your business missing, or not taking advantage of. You will know what technologies are available for your team to start working, what the possibilities of those technologies are, how to work (and even recruit them) to get started.

After this course, you will start tackling the low hanging fruits in your organization's data journey, and have the foundation you need to start advancing it beyond, and become truly competetive in the intelligence department.

How will we teach you this?

Course overview:

The first thing that needs to be addressed, for true organizational change it’s ironically, not the skill gap, but rather the resistance to change. This usually has two causes: Ignorance of potential, and lack of understanding of the mechanics of the solution. This chapter will tackle that.

We will introduce you to the basic business, math and technology concepts you will need to make the most out of the rest of the chapters.

You will understand the historic evolution of the business and startup ecosystem, in what direction is going and exactly what are the competitive advantages achievable by measuring.

After this first chapter, you will have the foundation you need to start your organization’s data-driven journey, and will have the philosophy needed to get you, and your team, 100% on board.


So we know the basics needed, and we know we want to be data-driven, but, exactly what data and information is important?

This chapter will walk you through Sean Ellis, founder of dropbox’s product-market fit  roadmap, and teach you exactly what metrics and qualitative information is needed to advance in the business growth pyramid , from product market fit, to transition of growth and viral growth. You will understand exactly what information needs to be gathered and how to obtain it. 

After this chapter you will have the knowledge needed, to audit any knowledge architecture, and diagnose what data is missing to guarantee success. You will be able to diagnose what data gathering processes are needed. 

You learned in the previous chapter what data to gather to make any business a success, now you need the knowledge to be able to store it and access it, no matter how big it becomes. 

In this chapter, you will learn the technical tools data engineers and cloud architects use in fortune 500 organizations (and that are actually very accessible to anyone) to make your data available and usable, stable and sustainable in your company.  

After this chapter, you will lose any inferiority complex you might have regarding the possibilities big data could bring you, you will be able to understand any data project you come across and be knowledgeable enough, to ask your way to success.  You will know what data infrastructures look like and what purpose it serves. 

You know what data you might need, and you know where to store it and what tools to operate it with, now it’s time to finally understand how companies  achieve success and create competitive unfair advantages with their data. From descriptive analytics to advanced machine learning and statistically powered analysis, you will be able to understand what the requirements of success for these types of project are,and how to create minimal risk versions and low-hanging fruits. 

With this course, you will finally be able to manage and lead your team to start being data-driven, even if you are not an engineer. 

The final skill a data-driven businessman needs, learn how to recruit, and effectively coordinate with your team of technical engineers and analysts, learn the agile methodologies and how to implement them effectively, learn how to find talent even when being on a budget, and how to build a ressilient team that will bring you sucess. Learn how to grow your organization.

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What comes with the course:

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Lifetime access to the course and all its future improvements.

up to 5 Direct mentoring calls with me

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Join the telegram group and connect and discuss with similar-minded businessmen. You will have discounted access when the course is released, and direct feedback for me during it's creation so that it suits your needs perfectly.

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Lifetime access to the course

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, this course is intended for business users, project managers and product owners, people that will coordinate, hire and effectively lead a team of coders to do the work.I’m of the opinion that an effective leader needs to understand how programming, computing, and tech works.

 Usually, that understanding comes from actual coding experience in real projects, however, it’s impossible to learn and use all the technologies and programming languages out there, but it is possible to be an effective leader with people working under any of them, therefore, actual coding skill is not needed, just understanding. 

This course will give you the understanding that comes from actual experience, so you can become that effective leader, no matter what technology your team is working with. They are the ones that need to be good coders, not you, your role is different. 

Nope, I’m assuming you are completely ignorant. I’m used to working and teaching people in that situation and helping them transform their organizations. As a business grad later turn to data science and coding, I have been there myself so I know first hand how they feel when approaching technology. 

Don’t worry, trust me, I got you covered. 

No! never! , you will never see that money back !

Just kidding, of course!  you have a 30 day refund guarantee, no questions asked. 

I might ask you for some feedback though, I personally recommend you to  try and take advantage of the mentoring sessions before refunding, that way you can help me improve too! :), if even after talking one on one with me you still don’t find your money’s worth, that’s totally fine. 

If you don’t want to meet and just want your money back, no questions asked, that’s fine too.

Meet your instructor

Stefano Benco, founder of mathforbusiness.com 

Stefano Benco

Hi, my name is Stefano Benco, businessman, data scientist, beach lover and Hawaiian shirt collector.  As of now, I have been working for more than  6 years as a data and tech consultant for multiple agencies and international clients, which I started doing while finishing my two business degrees. 

I have worked with the smallest tiny projects you might imagine, and with awesome fortune 500 multinational companies, I have seen and implemented firsthand many projects in data science and big data, and i’m here to teach you, through my experience everything you need to know to find success with it. 

I’m a businessman that got into the data industry to make money and make any project I’m in, find competitive unfair advantages. Along the way, I fell in love with math and tech.

I think of myself as the best bridge between the business and the data world you will ever find, as I know first-hand what is the important things to learn and what is the bull. I will teach you everything you might not know, and that you actually need, and skip the useless details. 

 I hope that not only will I be able to teach you what you want to know, but also, help you fall in love with this beautiful industry and the science behind it. 



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