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Become a highly effective data scientist, no matter what company you work with.

Learn how to provide value with math and statistic to any business, no matter the size.


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Complete learning program to become a business-knowledgeable data scientist.

From advanced feature engineering and sustainable machine learning operations to managing social and cultural dynamics inside the company. This course will teach you everything you need to be an effective one-man data science army to be reckoned with. 

Who is this course for?

Data analysts and data scientists

Senior data scientists that need to start making business decisions, like choosing the best quick wins their company should start tackling, or the most viable r+d project they should focus on and need a framework to decide what projects are possible and how much effort they are worth.

Junior and mid level data scientists that want to make sure they can handle any project that is thrown at them and want to make sure they have all the business knowledge they need to be able to adapt to any industry.

Novice data scientists and analysts that want to get the fundamentals needed to be a good and effective data scientist.

What will you be capable of, after finishing it?

You will be able to adapt to any industry you are working and make sure any project you are in, provides value.

We will teach you exactly, how data provides value to business and generates competitive unfair advantages at all levels. You will understand the data and intelligence maturity levels a company can have, and be able to properly diagnose what critical information is your business missing, or not taking advantage of.

What advanced analytics projects are available and how to keep learning and improving yourself beyond this course, how to start learning the next time you face a new business or algorithmic domain to increase as much as possible your chances of success.

You will learn rock solid fundamental understanding of the most valuable skills for any data scientist that is in it to increase ROI (spoiler: the answers are robust statistical analysis , business knowledge based feature engineering)

After this course, you will be able to apply all your theoretic knowledge that you have taken so long to learn, and adapt it to the particular situation of the business you work with, and incrementally generate value with minimal risk. No more communication problems with your team and managers and misunderstandings. You will be able to spot a failing project a mile away.

How will we teach you this?

Course overview:

We will introduce you to the different growth stages companies have, and the qualitative and quantitative information they need in said stages.

We will walk you through Sean Ellis, founder of dropbox’s product-market fit  roadmap, and teach you exactly what metrics and qualitative information is needed to advance in the business growth pyramid , from product market fit, to transition of growth and viral growth. You will understand exactly what information needs to be gathered and how to obtain it.  


This knowledge will proove vital for being able to adapt yourself in the future to any business and industry you might work in, and being able to properly audit knowledge architectures and fill any knowledge gaps that your company might have. It will also proove to be essential to maximize your feature engineering capabilities.

We will show you a framework to structure any possible data science project you might have to work, to maximize it’s chances of success. This framework will also allow you to make sure that “success” is aligned with actually providing value to the company, hopefully ROI. 

We will also show you the most comprehensive list of possible data science and math applications used across multiple different industries, so you have an exhaustive knowledge of all the actual possibilities math holds for businesses. This will allow you to diagnose effectively what possible projects your company can tackle with hopes of success, and how to start working said projects. 

Any respectable one-man army data scientist should also have the engineering knowledge to make its solutions ready for productization in a scalable, reproducible, and robust manner. Here we will teach you everything you need in the ML-Ops methodology so you can start making your projects production-ready and reproducible, as any true business-driven data scientist should aspire to.

A very self-explainable title. For me, feature engineering is probably one of the two most critical skills a data scientist could have, and the one that actually names the profession. This chapter we will tackle how to take your feature engineering skills to the next level to be elite level, specially when working dynamic and chaotic systems where humans play a key role in it’s outcomes (meaning: any system where business stakeholders are involved). 

The other critical skill a data scientist should have. There is no data-driven strategy if you can’t actually demonstrate hypothesis and create tests that proove and reduce risk in the decision making process. In this chapter we will make you a true statistician. 

How to lead a data science project, how to manage it’s risks, potential outcomes, business expectations and stakeholders, we will cover in this chapter all the essential soft skills a data scientist needs, and we will teach you how to effectively integrate with the company culture. 

No matter how good a data scientist you are, you are not transforming the company on your own, you will have to win departments and coworkers over and sell them on your vision and the benefits of being data-driven. This chapter will guide you. 

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What comes with the course:

Online Course

Lifetime access to the course and all its future improvements.

up to 6 Direct mentoring calls with me

Have any questions regarding the exact implementation of any of the chapters? I will give you a 40-minute call with me to discuss each of them.

Community access and direct feedback on course creation

Join the telegram group and connect and discuss with similar-minded businessmen. You will have discounted access when the course is released, and direct feedback for me during it's creation so that it suits your needs perfectly.

Personal sessions with your instructor

Have the course, tailor-made to your needs and questions.

Lifetime access to the course

Joining a Professional data-driven leader community

Frequently Asked Questions

At least you should not be scared of it, we won’t be coding too much in this course since  I’m not going to teach you how to implement step by step any of the projects. However some code snippets are referenced  to show how different tools work, and as a data scientist, you should know programming. This is a business and data science course designed for a technical audience. 

Yes. You are expected to have an understanding of how and why data is used, and how data analysis is done. Ideally you should have trained, even in a toy dataset, a machine learning algorithm in a notebook. This is a course for data scientists or people interested in becoming one.  If you have no idea of data and tech but are interested in starting in this industry, my data-driven businessman course will tell you everything you need to know. 

No! never! , you will never see that money back !

Just kidding, of course!  you have a 30 day refund guarantee, no questions asked. 

I might ask you for some feedback though, I personally recommend you to  try and take advantage of the mentoring sessions before refunding, that way you can help me improve too! :), if even after talking one on one with me you still don’t find your money’s worth, that’s totally fine. 

If you don’t want to meet and just want your money back, no questions asked, that’s fine too.

Meet your instructor

Stefano Benco, founder of 

Stefano Benco

Hi, my name is Stefano Benco, businessman, data scientist, beach lover and Hawaiian shirt collector.  As of now, I have been working for more than  5 years as a data and tech consultant for multiple agencies and international clients, which I started doing while finishing my two business degrees. 

I have worked with the smallest tiny projects you might imagine, and with awesome fortune 500 multinational companies, I have seen and implemented firsthand many projects in data science and big data, and i’m here to teach you, through my experience everything you need to know to find success with it. 

I’m a businessman that got into the data industry to make money and make any project I’m in, find competitive unfair advantages. Along the way, I fell in love with math and tech.

I think of myself as the best bridge between the business and the data world you will ever find, as I know first-hand what is the important things to learn and what is the bull. I will teach you everything you might not know, and that you actually need, and skip the useless details. 

 I hope that not only will I be able to teach you what you want to know, but also, help you fall in love with this beautiful industry and the science behind it. 



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Become an early tester and get access for just 320 euros when released, (50% discount!)

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