My story

Thank you again for reading my blog and visiting this page, I’m Stefano. Vocational entrepreneur and financial investor obsessed with using math and data to discover competitive unfair advantages. I have more than 5 years experience in ml engineering and analysis as a data scientist.

I started my data journey 7 years ago, when I decided I wanted to work as a freelance marketing consultant while I finished my business studies at college.

The first two years were dedicated to experimenting with different roles and functions in the marketing stack: I worked and polished my knowledge on branding, sales, digital marketing up to pure marketing strategy by helping small projects as a consultant, in hopes of finding the role that could make any team or project work.

Eventually, I noticed a pattern of success in the companies that went well: they experimented and optimized their strategy. I had found my answer: Data-driven strategy optimization (mostly known as conversion optimization). Having found a promising lead, I ditched traditional marketing roles and became a CRO and analytics consultant, with a very keen interest in getting the most knowledge of my data. Such an interest eventually would lead me to take a whole master’s course in BIG data and Data Science, since math powered by big statistical samples can take knowledge to a whole new level, I fell in love with math there. 

The next 5 years would be spent doing data projects and eventually specializing as a data scientist and ML engineer, to the point where I would lead the Machine learning team of Hiberus Technology, one of the biggest data agencies in Spain.

As of now, I have more than 5 years of experience as a data consultant for different agencies. In those 5 years working as a techie for both small projects, and big multinational ones, I never lost sight of my roots: math and data are a tool to optimize and provide business value. 

Why this blog

From small high-risk startup ideas to multinational companies with gigantic budgets, I have seen firsthand a lot of how to make data provide value in different industries in a broad variety of data-driven roles, with a very big focus on data science and strategy optimization.

What surprised me the most in these last 5 years, is how much value is actually provided a person that understands both math, and business. It surprised me how little math knowledge most businessmen have, and how little business knowledge most technical teams have. This blog and its courses were born as an answer to that need. I sincerely hope you find them fun and useful.

Some agencies I have worked for:

Some big name clients I have worked with:

Certifications I have obtained during my career

How about we meet?

Currently, I work as an analytics engineer at , eXperience (another big agency) and manage this blog in my free time. I’m not doing any more freelancing for the moment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t chat and get to know each other!

I learn a lot just by meeting people and understanding their problems, and it’s super helpful when data scientists starting out ask for tips or have questions. At the very least, I know I’ll be able to point you in the right direction, and would totally love to connect.